Text Book Points





Loving Intent is not a One Day Yearly Exercise,





February 14th of every year, so 1 can prove or show a


Crush; Infatuation; Love; Lust; etc...





Are you married, a bachelor, a Bachelorette, a couple, or newlyweds?





A couple of questions -


Do you like board games? Do you like card games?


Would you like inexpensive romantic things to do?


Do you like watching televised sports? Do you throw dice?


Do you enjoy sex?





These books will enable you to turn everyday games, televised


sporting events and more into sexual quality time, anytime!







First things 1st!




Sex is sex and lovers’ making loving sex is still having sex.


Furthermore lovers are no more than two people that enjoy


each other’s company physically like others do who have sex.





Aura of Lovers produced more than just sex game love manuals.


It adds a new fun way to do the same things we do any way, by


adding unexpected sexual variety to game play.





An excellent erotic reference that changes every time


you play, though the rules are the same,


game play and moves are not.







- Every sexual encounter will vary depending on play!


When is the last time you played a game or watched a


sports event that every move and score is identical to a


previous game, you saw or played?





Aura of Lovers is an instant classic and will never get old!


Perfect Unique Gift to give LOVERS you know or to Self any time of year:


Bachelorettes; Bachelors; Newlyweds and do not forget


Married people as well.





So whether this is for self, a friend or as a gift for a Birthday, Christmas,


Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or just because.





Aura of Lovers has just the book to add variety to


any sexual relationship.